Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience – We are in Dubai!

This is our first post from Dubai. Personally is my first time here and I’m really impressed about the city. Viva la Couture team is the only media from the fashion event ‘Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience’. Our first day here was last Monday, we arrived early morning, and we were exited about the view of Dubai by night.

The first day of ‘Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience’ was last Thursday. This day was the press conference of this event at Address Downtown Dubai, where the Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani attended all the people who were there toguether with the owners of Emaar Properties.

Sozzani said that this event is a good platform for emerging designers. This year the selected brans that took part on a fashion catwalk were Asudari Studio by Lamia Asudari (Arabia Saudi); Christopher Esber (Australia); J. JS Lee by Jackie JS Lee (South Korea); Madiya Al Sharqi (UAE); Miuniku by Tina Sutradhar and Nikita Sutradhar (India); No3 Design by Bushra Badri and Amira Al Khaja (UAE); Stella Jean (Italy) and Piccione Piccione by Salvatore Piccione (Italy).

Also 20 upcoming designers, selected by Vogue Italia and The Dubai Mall through a scouting contest, were at the Ballroom of the Armani Hotel Dubai in the International Talents Showcase. I personally loved the jewels of Heaven Tanudiredja (Indonesia) and Sarah Angold (UK) because of their originality and complexity in making their own jewels. Spontaneous Sarah Angold was the first thing that called my attention, the she explained me that she does the jewels in a good combination of methacrylate and gold.

Vogue Italia Fashion Dubai Experience 2014

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